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What and why is this group?
There has been an interest and request expressed among ourselves for a Satsangh of a sort to engage in sharing and learning GODly knowledge. This Whatsapp group is intended as a beginning towards that, if not, in lieu of a satsangh of personal congregation. A whatsapp group offers many practical conveniences over a Satsangh meeting, in the sense that, through a whatsapp group chat, one can participate in the meeting/discussions at the time it suits one, rather than having to be constrained by a pre-agreed schedule. Even if some could meet , these days, conducting such a personal meeting without numerous interruptions is next to impossible. In a whatsapp chat meeting, these interruptions can be well managed by individuals independently. Hence this Whatsapp group.

Why the name GODSIP for the group and what it means?
If we dwell a little on this, we tend to understand the objective of this group as well clearly.

Come to speak of GOD, it is getting as easy to speak on this subject as it is of any other mundane subject.
Alas, only with the same sense of seriousness or should I say recklessness as accorded to mundane subjects.
We may not realize How GOD looks like, What GOD feels like, and How GOD speaks like… But we think, we all know what GOD means to our life…..! Thank GOD, He means a lot to us..!
But What GODSIP means? It means taking a SIP of GOD before we can see the TIP of Him. or take a DIP in Hymn..!
GODliness can not be gulped; God is delicious nectar that can only be helped by oneself slowly, slowly..and slowly..! Helping onselef slowly..slowly and slowly is SIPping.. Hence the name GOD SIP…
தேனை மட மடவென்று குடிக்க முடியுமா….நிறுத்தி நிதானமாக அனுபவித்து  SIP பண்ணித் தான் அருந்த வேண்டும்..! Hence the name GODSIP..!

Phonetically it synthesizing with Gossip is not accidental; GODSIP is GOSSIP on GODSHIP..!
Indulgence is the nature of mind; So is Gossip. So let’s not curb its nature, but to divert its indulgence to the HIGHER rather than the LOWER subject. GODSIP is the process of turning the mind from Old wine to a Gold mine.

What can be shared in GODSIP?
As we understood, we want to SIP GOD so, let’s share items that we can SIP and not drink hurriedly. Essence of something delicious can only be SIPPED leisurely; While the diluted tasteless drink can (only) be drunk fast and in haste. Let’s share the essence of what we learnt; what we want to learn; of GOD and only of GOD..!

Can we share forwarded messages ?
Yes.. Why not ?. As long as it is on GOD and as long as it is special and so long as it doesn’t flood and get missed or skipped in the group.

We can definitely share the forwards on GOD that we read; But only the ones that we feel that are special/unique.  If possible and if it warrants, it is suggested that we add some personal narration of our own (not necessarily) to exemplify the speciality or goodness that we identified. 
முழுதின் விழுதைப் பகிருவோம்...அதனுடன் நம் எண்ணங்களையும் பகிருவோம்.. This is more for engaging in a healthy learning conversation about the Highest than reading tons of posts..!

Let’s avoid the ones that have been shared in other groups that all of us are known to be members of, unless of course, they are very special and you want to bring our attention to something special as an experience of your own connected with that.
There is no restriction on how many that can be shared or how often can they be shared as long as we ensure that the posts can be read reasonably leisurely and enjoyed by each one of us..! Let’s share matters that matter. The matters that we want to read, read and re-read.. than to read once and be freed of it..!

The above are only some guidelines to help us and not to restrict us. Excepting for limiting the posts to the subject matter viz..GOD, there is no other restriction. So, don’t fear of going over-board in sharing quality matters.More is more or less alright most of the times, if not all the times..!!☺☺

One test that I would subject every post is what I call as R&R Test.
R&R stands for Read and Ruminate. Or Read and Reflect.
The test is to check each item if it is good enough to be read and then ruminated for sometime.
The ability to Reflect is an essential part of meditation. So, R&R is not to strain us but to indirectly train us on meditation.☺☺
R&R incidentally stands for Role and Responsibility and also reminds us of our Role and Responsibility..!! ☺☺

விசை போட்டது போல் படிக்கக் கூடியவைகளை விட, அசை போடுவது போல் படிக்கக் கூடிய விஷயங்களை  Share செய்வது Learn செய்ய  ஏதுவாக இருக்கும்.

Who, among the group members, is the authority of the subject matter of this group ?
The answer to this question is either NONE or ALL. So, each one of us is a student and an equally able teacher..! So feel free to share and feel responsible to learn..!

Why is this group small ?
At present it contains as many or as less, as the group info shows. Somewhat small. But, it could turn out to be somewhat big too, if we get to be as actively engaged in it as the subject matter deserves. So, let’s treat this as a pilot and have it at this size for some time atleast and consider expansion after gaining some insights into running this group. Till then, let’s only discuss IN the group and not AROUND the group..!  Any one of us, is of course, free to share anything posted here with other like-minded friends outside this group without telling about or even alluding to the existence of this group, as, this is only a pilot attempt and pilot result lessons may sometime result in abandonment of the group at a later point of time for various reasons..!

Can I save the contents of the GODSIP chats ?
Some times, we feel it will be worth re-reading the contents of the chat later. You can use the option “Email chat” option available under More. to save it as a text file before you clear the chat history.

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